College Football – Lessons to be Learned From Playing Football

Many people will watch the college bowl games and criticize the game of football for being violent. However, there are many lessons that can be learned by participating in football.

As a football coach and the father of four boys, I think every young man who is able to play football should play football. Even though my sons have many interest, I believe they need to play football in order to learn the lessons that football teaches about life. Such as:


  • perseverance
  • commitment
  • responsibility and
  • life isn’t fair


“That’s not fair!”, is one of the most common statements repeated แทงบอลออนไลน์ continually by young people today. Well, it’s time our young men learned that life isn’t fair. You will get knocked down, people will cheat and the call will not always go your way. But, you must get up and get back into the game or lose. If you stay down, you can’t win.

Young men need to learn that being the best means preparing, persevering, and practicing whether you want to or not. They need to understand that things will be difficult at times, there will be trials and tribulations. It’s all part of life. But quitting is not an option.

Our young men need to regain a sense of responsibility, loyalty and commitment. The most important of these being commitment. Imagine the change in our world, if young men kept their commitments not because a court told them to do it, but because they believed it was the right thing to do.