Malaysia Gets Serious About Testosterone Booster – Tongkat Ali Root Extract

The Malaysian Government over the last few years has become very serious about building a sound and solid export-industry based on an old and well-known Asian medicine that has been used by Asian people for thousands of years. Tongkat Ali Extract is now subject to extensive research and world-class production facilities.

Historically Chinese have used the roots of this small tropical tree by finely slicing them and drying them after washing and then putting about 100 grams into a pot and gently boiling it into a soup over about an hour. After the essence of the roots has been extracted by this boiling process, and allowed to cool to a drinking temperature is sipped just like a cup of tea. As a daily routine, the essence stimulates the body to produce more testosterone, which has the effect of resolving energy levels, sexual interest and blood circulation issues.

Many traditional Chinese medical treatments are prepared as a “tea” or soup by the same means, and most Asian homes will have cooking pots for such medicine preparations. Families think nothing of routine processing of naturally occurring compounds usually coming from plant¬† Buy Testoprime Testosterone Booster¬† material, most often the roots of trees depending on the underlying affliction

Taken daily, this Tongkat Ali extract soup has been used for thousands of years by men diagnosed as having low energy and vitality levels, reduced sex drive and blood circulation problems all of what we associate with lower than healthy testosterone production levels.

When the western world discovered this ancient eastern remedy, there were attempts to dry the roots and pulverize them into a powder to be then ingested as a capsule. But this proved a useless option because the goodness in the root is actually present in very low quantities.

Then they found the best approach is to extract to essential ingredients much the same way as the Chinese have always done, and then reducing the soup into a dried extract which is then put into capsules. This method is found to be very effective at ingesting measured doses of Tongkat Ali to boost your testosterone.